Friday, May 19, 2006

Hot Momma!

Holy cow, it was hot yesterday! I hate the heat. So why do I live in Houston??? I ask myself this every summer. Oh wait, it's not summer's only going to get hotter! I hate the heat!

I had an appointment yesterday afternoon, which allowed me to get a head start on the rush hour traffic. Since I had my running clothes with me, I decided to stop at the park for a jog around the loop. While sitting in traffic, the thermometer on my car read 97 degrees! When I arrived at the park, the temp was back down to 94. (As if that's so much better!) So, I get out of my car and as I'm walking over to the dressing rooms, I think to myself "Hmmm...this doesn't feel so bad. It's not that hot." As I was heading to the loop, I see my good friend Roberta. She deserves many kudos...not only did she recently finish the MS150, she completed the Power in Motion running program and her 1st 5k!

Six minutes into my run and I'm thinking "Hell it's hot!". Then, I decided to do 5/1s. If you remember from my previous post, I am such a wuss when it's hot. It's times like these when I wish someone was running with me, so I wouldn't be as tempted to be such a pansy-girl! About the time I made it around to the Tennis Center, I saw my friend and fellow HoustonFit-er Pam. We ran together for a little while and then I ran into another HoustonFit-er, Kay. Each time, I stole a few seconds to stop and way of combatting the summer heat! I eventually made it around the loop. I won't even mention my time, because then I will have to look at it here was pretty sad.

I am sooo looking forward to running a nice long run through the Heights tomorrow with some HoustonFit buddies. We start nice and early, so it's still relatively cool. Heaven forbid I do a long run in the afternoon heat...I hate the heat! Did I mention that I hate the heat?

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