Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice! My Dad is a Vietnam Vet, so I tend to be quite patriotic. :-) God bless the U.S.A.!!!

Well, despite the early morning downpours, it turned out to be a pretty nice day. My hubby and I took the kiddo to Memorial Park for a jog around the loop. It didn't work out too well, because jogging with the jog stroller is a complete pain in the butt!!! My husband was nice enough to push and told me to go ahead of him. However, everytime I got a little to far ahead, the kiddo got very upset and cried at the top of her lungs. At one point, I headed around the corner and made it all the way to the water fountain and could still hear the screams. We ended up "power walking" the last mile with me pushing the stroller, so that the kiddo would be happy. That was fine by me...the whole point of this little outing was to have some outdoor family time and have fun. It was obvious that before I started pushing the stroller, the kiddo was NOT having fun! Plus, it was pretty hot (around 86 & humid), so walking was a lot easier than jogging. We ended our outing with an early dinner at Beck's Prime. I managed to stay away from the milkshakes, but I did split and order of fries with my hubby. Yum!

As for the jog stroller, I must have gotten the wrong one. I see other people running with them all the time and they make it look so darn effortless! I have to fight with mine to keep it going in the right direction. One 2.9 mile loop around the park feels more like 6 miles. My husband said I should continue to run with it and build up endurance. I guess if I could run at a decent pace with the stroller, I should be able to haul butt without it.

Woohoo, I have a short week at work - I had to hurry up and use my vacation, so I will be off on Friday and Monday. This weekend is also the Heights Fun Run, so I am looking forward to that. Then, the following Saturday starts HoustonFit's fall program. I can't wait! There is something about having a big goal to aim for that makes me so much more motivated. I just read that the group will be starting with 6 miles, rather than 8. I was a little relieved to hear this, as I have not run over 6 miles in about 1 1/2 months. I ran 10 miles back in April, but have not been able to squeeze in that mileage again since.

Have a great day!
Run Long & Livestrong!


Sarah said...

Hi Christy! I got your membership application for the Houston Running Bloggers yesterday -- welcome! :)

Sarah (HRB treasurer, http://www.saroy.net)

atownrunner said...

Welcome to our group.

elf said...

Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy the Heights Run this weekend. Seems like a bunch of us are going to Chicago as well--looking forward to reading about how your training goes...


Jill said...

Welcome!! I am doing Chicago, also! What fun!

Dave Smart said...

Welcome to the running blogosphere....I tried running pushing a baby jogger once, not very fun, as it seems that the front wheel had a mind of its own.


Welcome to the Houston running blog-world. Stay motivated and good things will come your way. It's all about the training.

And yes, jogging strollers can be difficult. I think we have a pretty decent one but it's definitely a different ballgame pushing one of these. I tend to do best when I push with one arm and let the other arm swing in a normal motion. But turns are difficult, especially at faster paces.