Friday, May 12, 2006


Hallelujah it's Friday! Do you think it's a bad thing to live for the weekends? Normally, on Saturday mornings, I get up early and meet my running buddies at the park for a nice long run (between 7 & 12 miles). However, tomorrow, I get to sit for the GMAT, so please send me some good luck vibes if you don't mind.

Yesterday's 5K was a blast. It was a very laid back race and the weather was so nice! Everyone hung out and talked before the race. There was already some fruit and water and a country-ish band was playing. I saw some folks from Houston Fit and Luke's, then found Lisa and her friend Susan. When it was time to start, everyone just kind of meandered over to the start line and we took off. There were no chips, so I'm not sure if they will be posting "official" times. According to my watch, I finished in 31:40 - not my best or worst time. That's an average of 10:11 per mile and I was hoping to keep it under 10, but I just kind of lost my steam somewhere along the way and slowed down a little. Kudos go out to Lisa, who was hauling butt and finished well under 30 mins. Woohoo, you go girl!!! (Lisa and I used to run together at pretty much the same pace, so I need to find out what she's been doing.) Also, thanks so much to Channel 11's Lisa Foronda who was there cheering everyone on! She is also a runner and when she's not participating in a race, she always manages to be there cheering. Overall, I give the race an A+ - they had music, great food, beer, dri-fit shirts and lots of great prizes...I'll be doing this one again next year! By the way, there is a great pace calculator on the Cool Running website:
I am horrible at trying to figure out my pace, especially for long runs, so this is a great tool!
Run long and Livestrong!

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