Monday, May 22, 2006

Long Run

I didn't get to do the Heights run with the HoustonFit group on Saturday as planned. But I was lucky that my HoustonFit buddy, Pam, was available to run on Sunday instead. Pam and I both ran Houston and Austin this year and we tend to run at about the same pace.

On Sunday morning, we somehow missed each other at our usual meeting place. So, I started to run the loop by myself when I saw Pam...thank God! I don't like to do my longer runs alone if I don't have to. During the time that I was running alone, I started to think about the fact that I had no ID on me at all!!! If passed out right there, no one would have any idea who I was or who to call!!! I think all these thoughts had to do with my husband and I losing a friend a week ago - he just collapsed without any warning and died...and he was only 34 (the same age as me). I usually have a plastic tag on my shoe with my name, telephone #, emergency contacts, etc. But, I hadn't had a chance to put the tag on my new shoes. These tags are a great idea! You can buy them at the local running stores, or on-line at You get one free when you join HoustonFit, so I've never had to actually purchase one.

Luckily, since I was running with Pam, I didn't have to worry about things like that anymore. Pam and I ran 2 loops around the park doing 5/1s. During that time, we talked about work, school, other runners on the loop (evil grin), etc. It's so great to have something to take your mind off your aches, pains, the heat, etc. Actually, the heat wasn't too bad yet. It was 79 and pretty humid, but nothing compared to the heat that would consume the air a little later in the day! It felt great to get some miles behind us and get an early start on the day. That's what I love about running in the morning - you feel like you've accomplished something early on and you are negative in your caloric intake! Woohooo!

Next weekend, we're running the Race for the Pennant and I can't wait. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and it will be relatively cool!

Run Long & Livestrong!

R.I.P. ~ Timothy "Todd" Carter ~ 5/22/71-5/12/06

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