Saturday, May 13, 2006

Whew, I'm done...

with my GMAT! I think I managed to do alright, not too great but not too bad either. I had to miss my Saturday long run this morning to take the test, so I feel like a big blob. I will probably have to skip the run tomorrow as well - it's Mother's Day after all!

I finally had a chance to stop at Luke's Locker this week for new running shoes, which are an early Mother's Day present from my terrific husband and adorable daughter. I choose to go back to my old favorites - the Saucony Grid Stabil. When I started running, I learned that I am extremely flat footed and my feet overpronate (roll inward), so these shoes are exactly what I need. I did try a different model of Saucony shoes last time, but missed my Stabils! The only bad thing about motion control shoes is that they tend to be heavy. Well that, and you can never find them in cute colors. Runner's World has a great link on their website called "Shoes 101". It helps you determine which type of shoe you need and gives you different options to choose from in various brands and prices. Check it out:,5033,s6-52-167-0-4615,00.html
Run Long and Livestrong!

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