Thursday, July 13, 2006

Knee troubles and mommy woes

I forgot to mention on my last post that I gained a 1/2 lb last week. Bummer, but I really wasn't surprised. I used my inability to run and the holiday as my excuse to eat pretty much anything and everything I wanted. Bad, I know.

The culprit is in the pic to the right. Yes, I am on WW and I baked cupcakes! I thought for sure that my nephews would be stopping by at some point over the holiday weekend, so I baked cupcakes so they could have something yummy to snack on. I know, I know, a good aunt would offer fruit or veggies...but, I don't want to be the good aunt. I want to be the cool aunt! :-) They didn't get to visit, so of course the hubby and I could not let the perfectly good cupcakes go to waste! No worries though, I am back on track this week.

I took yesterday knee was really bothering me, plus I ended up staying late at work. By the time the kiddo was off to bed, it was 9 pm. And, with no treadmill, there was no running.

I met up with the group at Luke's after work for a 30 minute run. The knee was bothering me with every step, but it wasn't unbearable. We did a run around the bayou. I like running with a group and the route is a great way to get in a few hills. My only complaint was, of course, the heat! It was damn hot! Mix in the humidity and you have one group of really sweaty runners. I suppose it's good for the pores or something, but I really do hate it. I'm not sure how the knee is going to make it through 10 miles on Saturday, but I'll give it a try.

It's a good thing I got my run in before going home. Tonight, the kiddo decided she wanted some milk at bed time...then, when I brought it to her, she decided she didn't want it afterall. She cried "milk! milk!" over and over, but then threw a fit and said "NO!" when I brought it to her. After about an hour and a half of milk tantrums and trying about 5 different sippy cups, she finally drank a little milk and went to sleep. Ah, the mysteries of an 1 1/2 year old! This is so unlike my happy kiddo...hopefully, she was just tired. Or, it could be a taste of what's ahead with the "terrible twos". Oh God, I hope that's not it! I may need to buy a margarita machine. ;-) My point of all this - there is no way I could have run if I would have had to wait for the kiddo to be asleep.

Enough of my mommy ramblings!
Run long & Livestrong!


Vic said...

You ramble as much as you want. We're here and sympathetic and want to hear every word.

That knee's got me worried. What's with all the injuries? I just want everyone to be well and run long and fast. You take care!

J.R.G. said...

Great blog! I just came across it after you posted on mine. I'll check back regularly. Jog on!

Anonymous said...

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