Monday, February 04, 2008


I am slightly annoyed with my treadmill walks. Not that walking isn't boring enough, but being forced to do it at an extremely slow pace sucks. For some reason over the past few weeks, I have been getting a really painful stitch in my side after walking for about 5 minutes. Then, I either have to slow waaaaayyy down (like to a 3.0 pace) or stop completely. Once it begins to subside, I slowly increase the pace and walk for awhile and it comes back again. So, I slow down again, try to get it to subside and then slowly pick up the pace....I do this over and over.

It's annoying. I mean, how much cardio am I truly getting when my average pace is 17 minute miles??? Prior to this, I was walking at a pace slightly under 15 min/miles. I guess something is better than nothing, but I hate that my body has to be such a PITA.

I told the hubby that I might either look into getting a trainer for my bike, or join the Y so I can swim instead. Ugh! The upside is that pregnancy is a temporary condition and I will be back to running (with a double jog stroller) in a few months. Only 91 more days till this munchkin is here!!!!

Workout Stats
Sunday, 1/27 - treadmill, 30 minutes
Thursday, 1/31 - treadmill, 35 minutes
Sunday, 2/3 - treadmill, 25 minutes


Viv said...

Christy, you are doing great! You are moving, which is cruicial. I imagine it can be annoying, but you are getting more preggos. I can not believe the lil one is almost here! Double stroller, oh my promise not to run me over if you see my slow self outthere :-)

J~Mom said...

Yes,just try to keep moving! Don't worry about the cardio right now, it will come back (if you are even losing it) very quickly!!