Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Phoenix Fun

I've been in Phoenix for the past couple of days. The one nice thing about traveling for work is that I can usually make time for working out. No kiddo + no meals to cook + no house to clean = a little free time. I'll fill in all the details later, but for now here are my workouts...

Workout Stats

35 minute stroll around the shopping center across the street from hotel

(Okay, not a real workout, but the weather was awesome and it was better than being on a treadmill outdoors!)

Treadmill, 30 minutes
(hooray, no side stitch! My pace was around 16 min/mile...yes, that means I was actually going slower than that when I did have the side stitch issues)

Stationary bike, 30 minutes
(I discovered that this is much, much better for me right now! I must get a trainer for my bike at home...I had none of that pesky crotchy pregnancy pain afterwards!)

Okay, the rest of the week doesn't look good for working out. I have homework to do and the hubby and I need to work on packing up the house!

1 comment:

Viv said...

Yaa, on the no side stiches. I love the shopping center walk workout, those are the best :)
Good luck the rest of the week with the house packing. Gald you got a sort of lil break.