Thursday, February 14, 2008

I've. had. it.

Work, school, housework, house hunting, renovations, moving, pregnancy, trying to get on the freakin' treadmill...I don't think I can keep doing all this much longer. I am seriously sick of school and it's really the only thing on my plate that can be eliminated.

That whole 50/50 thing with the housework when your married?

Yeah, maybe in a dreamworld....definitely not the reality.

Not that I mean to complain about the hubby, but I am the neat freak responsible one...and he, well, he just isn't. Lol!

Maybe being sick earlier this week is making me grumpy. I dunno. I am in need of a massive attitude adjustment. Hell, I need a complete overhaul in that department.


Steeeve said...

Woah, watch out, you a crazy lady!

Just kidding, pal :-)

Viv said...

Hang in there, Christy. It is a lot no doubt. Let the countdown to spring break begin. Try to relax this weekend. Seriously, just try :-)

jamoosh said...

Hubby needs a weekly beating. How do you think Jaclyn keeps me in line!

K said...

There will always be a house to clean, laundry to do, dishes to wash. Put your feet up, enjoy the moment and relish the times with your family. All the rest will wait.

(mom of 6 speaking here)