Thursday, February 07, 2008

another workout...

This one was cut short due to time constraints...the kiddo did not go to sleep until after 10:30 pm!

Workout Stats - Wed
Treadmill - 20 minutes, slow as usual

BTW, the older house did get snatched up by someone else. Lessons learned:

1) Stop procrastinating. If you really like a house, make a freakin' offer already. Don't waste 2-3 weeks hemming and hawing. If the other person is doing the hemming and hawing, give him a swift kick in the arse. :)

2) Listen to your realtor. If they think you are offering too little, hear them out and heed their advice. They probably know what they're talking about.

That is all for now. The house hunt continues and now I am all bitchy. Great.


Margo said...

Bummer! You will find a house! We had a similar situation before we found our house. I was the one on the fence about this other house, but my husband loved it. We waited and sure enough, someone else bought it. I was devastated and felt guilty, but then about a day later, our house popped up for sale in the same neighborhood. Funny thing is, I loved our house from the moment I set foot in it. So, sometimes, things work out better. Good luck!

J~Mom said...

Ugh, house hunting is so tricky sometimes! You will find the perfect one, I just know it! :>)

Marcy said...

YOu're not bitchy!! You're pregnant ;D Hang in there chica!! Lisa is right, house hunting can be tricky!