Sunday, February 10, 2008


I took Thursday and Friday off as far as workouts go. Saturday the kiddo actually slept until 7:47 am..oh bliss!!! We made it to Memorial Park a little after 9 am and I think everyone was determined to enjoy this awesome weather, because the park was packed! I managed to get in about 13 minutes with the jog stroller before the stitch in my side hit. It was all I could do to make it to the park bench near the 3/4 mile marker. It sucked! But, the kiddo didn't seem to mind the stop, because she liked watching the runners and walkers go by, as well as the golfers on the golf course. Afterwards, I agreed to let the kiddo run and gave me an excuse to slow down the pace for awhile. I finished up and then we headed to the playground. The weather was so amazing, I'm glad I had a chance to enjoy it with the kiddo. In the afternoon, after the hubby woke up, we headed out to look at houses. In about 3 weeks, I am hoping that I will be announcing that we're the proud owners of a new home...I'll keep you posted!

The goal was to get out to the park again this morning. Unfortunately, the kiddo tummy wasn't feeling well. Later, I started feeling queasy. Turns out DH noticed the same feeling after eating some peanut butter a couple of days before....gee, wish he would have shared that info with me before the kiddo and I both indulged in PB toast the afternoon before. The kiddo did get sick later in the evening. Poor thing! So far, I've only had the queasy stomach...let's hope it stays that way!

Tomorrow, I have class until late into the evening and on Tuesday it's off to Lubbock to visit Tech. I'm hoping to get some walking in on the hotel treadmill on at least one day.

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Viv said...

The day at the park was perfect for Sat.
Aww, I hope the kiddo is better.
Have a nice stay in Lubbock, the hubby here is doing the same thing recruiting for work. He is at you and his alma mater today and tomorrow :-)
Hope the treadmill walk workouts out for u. Stay away stiches!!