Thursday, February 21, 2008


I took my Ethics mid-term today. I can't say I kicked ass on it, but considering I had to take it 4 days earlier than expected, I think I did pretty well.

Hopefully tonight the kiddo will cooperate and get to sleep early enough for me to hop on the treadmill!

As for baby news, things are going well. The munchkin is now big enough for me really feel those jabs to the ribs, bladder or whatever else when he moves around! It's a neat feeling, but I can't help but think of the movie Alien when I see my stomach move. LOL!

I considered taking the kiddo downtown for the Race Against Violence on Saturday, but I'm still undecided. With this damn stitch in my side and now the added round ligament pain (a new OUCHY), I don't think I can even walk a 5k! Maybe I'll just take her for the kid's was her 1st one last year and she had a blast earning her medal. Plus, she got her face painted and played with bubbles. It's a great event for the entire family!

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Viv said...

Oh how fun, my son loves the kid's K's. I did not know there was one coming up. LOL at Alien reference. I can't believe baby time is getting so close. Yaa, on doing well on the mid term :-)