Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Another day with no chocolate!

I did it...despite all the holiday goodies coming in from our vendors, I managed to stay away from chocolate both yesterday and today. Actually, yesterday I had the day off but I'll post about that later...it was a crazy, crazy day and I completely blew off my workout. (and thanks to wildlifeonline.com for the graphic)

For some reason, my motivation to eat healthy is extremely high this week, but my motivation to work out is extremely low. I think I may have to move my P90X workouts back to the mornings, because I am sick and tired of starting my workouts at 9 or 9:30 pm. It leaves no room for evening downtime, which I'd really like right now. Today, I made it to the treadmill at 9:40 and decided that I was only going to do 20 minutes. After lolly-gagging around for the 1st 2 minutes, I decided that I would at least make this a good 20 minutes...you know, the whole quality over quantity thing. So here are the results...

Mile 1 - 11 minutes...not happy with that at all

Mile 2 - 10:14...much better!

So, it was a tad bit over 20 minutes. For me, it seems like anything under 11 minute miles these days is good. Maybe if I did some speedwork....lol! I'm sure I was completely anaerobic during the 2nd mile, but it felt good to get the legs going faster than normal.
Workout Stats
Monday, 12/8 - no workout
Tuesday, 12/9 - Treadmill run, 21:14 minutes

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