Friday, December 05, 2008

Day 3 - No chocolate

Wow, I am seriously proud of myself to have made it 3 days without any chocolate! And, day 4 is going well too. I'm using Calorie King to track everything I eat and it's amazing how easy it is to stay within your allotted amount of fat and sugar each day when you're not scarfing down a bunch of chocolate and 100 Calorie Snacks! Of course, the real test will come on Monday when it's time to weigh in again.

Not much new stuff to report...I swear the kiddos are plotting together to postpone their bedtime as long as possible, because neither would cooperate when it was time to go to bed. As a result, I didn't end up getting on the treadmill until about 9:45, so I shortened my run to 20 minutes....hardly seemed worth it, but I figure it was better than nothing.


Maybachs know, before seeing the Lil' Bow Wow episode of My Super Sweet 16, I never even knew what a Maybach was. (Yeah, I watch that show from time to time, so what? It's trash-tastic, okay?) But since seeing that episode, I've seen two Maybachs on the roads in our fair city - both the Maybach 57 which looked something like this:

And yesterday on my way home from work I saw this beauty:

I'm really not into cars, but every now and then one stands out (the Maserati, not the Maybach in this case). But Jesus, I would not pay the $100 plus to buy this one, much less the $350 - $1 mil to buy a Maybach...even if I could!

Workout Stats
Treadmill run - 20 minutes, 11:16 pace


Barbara said...

Awesome job on the chocolate! If I have it in the house, it's a problem. But if it's not here, I don't think about it.

Some day my kids will be grown and out of the house, and not leaving french fries in the back seat of my car. And then...I'm buying a cool car again!

Viv said...

Way to stay stong on the chocalate, Christy.

LOL! @ the Maybachs. I used to see them in Miami all the time. Here not so much. The LMAO though is the Sweet Sixteen, i watch that when I catch it as well. Even though, I would like to slap mose of em'!!

hey 20 mins is better than bagging it, great job!

Tiggs said...

someone who lives near me has a Maybach b/c I see it all the time. usually some bleached blonde lady with Texas hair driving it....I'll take an Astin Martin please :)

TX Runner Girl said...

I hear ya Cassie...Astin Martin Vanquish would be nice!