Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday Run

It was one of those "Oh Crap!" "Oh my God!" mornings!

I woke up late on Saturday morning - usually I am out the door by 6:00 am and because we were being joined by Kingwood Fit this morning, I was planning to leave no later than 5:50 am.


When I woke up to the sound of Jason Mraz, I saw 6:10 on the alarm clock. For whatever reason, the volume was really low. I immediately jumped out of bed and said "Oh $@&%*!". I threw on my clothes, grabbed my PB&J from the fridge along with my fuel belt and ran out the door. During this craziness, I tossed around the idea of going back to bed, but there would be NONE of that! LOL!

I pulled in at Luke's right at 6:30, but everyone was already gone. The guy on the radio just said it was 6:30 am, so it confirmed the time for me. I jumped out of my car and thought, "Man, I need to pee. I didn't pee!". But I saw runners heading out of the parking lot and I just ran. I saw Coach Bill as I ran by, but for whatever reason forgot to grab a route card. I just thought to myself, "Run! Run and maybe you can catch up!" I really thought I could catch up. After awhile, I looked at my watch and my average pace was 10:18. Then, I stopped to walk briefly so I could ask another group of 5/1ers the route. I toyed with the idea of running with them, but they were running a bit slower. So, I ran some more. I didn't want to stop, but I HAD to stop at the bathroom at North was the only one that I knew of that would be on the route. Then, I ran some more. I ended up running the 1st few miles at a 10:20 pace. I decided that if I found my group, I'd run the entire 12 but if I didn't I would do the 8. It was about that time that I decided I'd better slow down or I wouldn't even finish 8! I had gotten conflicting information about the 8-miler route, so I just decided to run 4 and turn around.

My Garmin hit 4 miles and I decided to go a bit farther. I finally decided to turn around...I don't even remember where I was. According to one person I knew who was still going forward, I was a little less than a mile from Kuykendahl. I toyed with the idea of continuing on, but the adrenaline from the rushing around was wearing off and I decided to stick to my 8-mile plan. Lucky for me, on the return trip I met up with another Wfitter, Bittney, who was running 4/1s and was running exactly my pace. We ran the rest of the route together and talked about our kids, work, etc. (She has a 2-month old and has already worked up to 8-miles!!!)

When I made it in, it turned out that I had run 8.8 miles in 11:37 pace and I am sure I did not have a negative split! I felt a bit like a weenie for not doing the entire 12 and even toyed with the idea of doing a lap around the neighborhood when I got home just because. But, I didn't. Once I made it home, I was done. The kiddo wanted eggs, the baby wanted me :-) and I decided to just call it a day.

This morning, the first time I went up the stairs I felt an awful pain in my knee! It felt like my IT Band, but it's weird because it didn't hurt at all during the run yesterday. This evening, I laid down with the kiddo to read a book at bedtime and when I got up, it hurt even more. I was all dressed to do P90X, but after pressing on my knee a little, I can barely walk on it! I even called my Dr's office, but the next available appointment with my doctor is January, I ended up making an appointment with some random doctor for Tuesday morning and will call a different orthopedic in the morning to see if I can get in there tomorrow. Please keep your fingers crossed that it's nothing!!!

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