Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday Bike Ride

Looks like I'm back on schedule...sort of. My friend Kristi and I managed to get in our regular Monday bike ride again after a 2-week hiatus. However, the ride was cut short due to the time change and it getting dark so darn early. The last time we rode, it was the Monday after the time change and we managed to make most of our 10-mile route before it got completely dark. Today, it seemed like it was getting dark before we even started. It started to get pretty creepy, so we turned around early. We may have to move our ride to the weekend, just to get in more mileage without worrying about the dark.

I came home and was determined to get in a bit more workout in, so I did the Ab Ribber X...that is, after the kiddos finally fell asleep. Is it possible that someone gave my soon to be 7-month old caffiene? He would not go to sleep! Same with the kiddo, but that's normal for her. :-) In fact, I can hear that the baby is awake again on the monitor - at 11:20 pm!

Workout Stats - 12/1/08
Cycling - 7 miles, 34 minutes - 12.35 mph
Ab Ripper X - 15 minutes


I got my first bit of feedback from the nutritionist extraordinaire after she reviewed last week's food log...."Let's break the chocolate habit right now :) It is December 1st, we don't want this to go on all month. Try getting a chocolate Balance Bar or Luna Bar to help you with your chocolate cravings in the afternoon." Gotta love a gal who shoots straight from the hip. See, there's this little container of chocolates in the kitchen at work. The kitchen is where we also make copies, get supplies and get water. Every time I walk by there, I grab something - a hershey's kiss here, a Dove chocolate get the idea. It's time to step away from the chocolate!


Viv said...

HAHAHA let's break the choclate habit right now. At least there is no beating around the bush.

nice ride, it is getting darker earlier lately more than it has been :-(

Jamoosh said...

It's all a bunch of hooey. Your nutritionist has no confidence in you. I set out one serving of Dove Dark each day (5 pieces). Sometimes I eat all five, sometimes I don't. But I never eat more than the alloted amount. Plus dark chocolate, with it's yummy flavenoids and super antioxidents, is good for you in moderation and tastes better than that crap synthesized by science.

TX Runner Girl said...

I'm with you Jamoosh! But, I still think I need to break the gets a little out of control. Then, I think I might be able to give myself the serving size.