Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gobble Gobble

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!!!

First on the agenda - the Turkey Trot. As I was walking to the start, the 1st person I recognized was Felix. After picking up my chip, I ran into Julie who was volunteering. At the start, I met up with Kay, Katie, John & Joanne from Houston Fit. As we were just standing around chatting about Thanksgiving Day plans, we realize the whole crowd was moving forward...the race had started and we didn't even know it!

Kay, Katie and I decided we were simply "running for food"...not PRs, so we started at a pretty easy pace. We were running the 10k only so we could indulge later and not feel too guilty about it. We ran the 1st 3 miles straight through and decided to skip the 1st water stop...BIG MISTAKE. At mile 3 we came to the the 2nd water stop and there was no more water! Grrr...not good, since it was also quite a bit warmer than we anticipated. Fortunately, Kay was smart enough to carry a bottle of water, so we each took a couple of sips of that. By mile 4, Kay started feeling a bit competitive and decided that she was going to beat another participant ahead of us and was off....Katie, who normally runs a sub-10 minute pace was right there with her. So much for running for food! :-) Since I tend to be the queen of Gallowaying and we had only taken 1 walk break, I was not ready to run any faster. I hung back and kept the easier pace. By the way, I've decided that I am way too dependent on the Galloway walk breaks and really need to start running through my shorter runs!

My finish time was 1:07:32 - a 10:52 pace. I ran my last 10K in 1:09 and some change, so I am happy to beat that. As I was leaving, I was a bit bummed that I hadn't run into any of the bloggers. That's about the same time I heard Vic call my name! It was great to see his smiling face again! He introduced me to June, who was sporting the cutest running skirt (I want one!). And then, a few minutes later, Cassie appeared. It was great to meet you June & Cassie! So, I left happy that I had meet more fellow bloggers and I was ready to eat.

I came home, made my famous sweet potato dish and we headed to my parents. I think I ate more than what I burned off in the 10K! This morning I actually went shopping. I usually avoid the black friday crowds like the plague, but it was worth it....I finally got a Roomba!!! I only had to go to Big Lots which is 5 minutes from my house. I was safely back home within 45 minutes. It's charging as we speak!


JustJunebug said...

that particular running skirt cost all of $12 at walmart. but i havent seen them there since and i wish i would have bought one in every color (this was my first one so i didnt know i would love them so much!)

i also went out this morning and went to the galleria (around 9:30) PARKING GALORE!! yay! then i went to target on westheimer. again TONS OF PARKING and no lines! YAY!

I still need to go to Memorial City but i have a feeling that place will be much different, especially now that its noon. i came home to drop off and eat!

bunnygirl said...

Sounds like a nice run! I wanted to do the 10K this year, but wasn't sure how my hip would hold up, so I thought it best not to subject myself to an actual race.

I'm glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

yay!! it was great to finally meet you!