Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You realize your life is too busy when...

You realize TODAY that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!

Holy cow!

How did that happen?

For some reason, I thought I had another week in there. Of course, this also means that my anniversary (9 years) and the kiddo's birthday (2 yrs) are also NEXT WEEK! It's a damn good thing that I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year, we'd be eating the kiddo's chicken nuggets and macaroni with juice boxes.

Oh, and last night, I left school around 8:30 pm. I called my mom and told her I was on my way to pick up the kiddo. I think entered the twilight zone at some point, because I exited the freeway for my house (not Mom's house) and continued driving for about a mile before I realized I hadn't picked up the kiddo! (Insert the Homer Simpson "Doh!" here)

I may have to skip the core workout tonight, so I can address the kiddo's birthday party invites. :O) And yes, this runnergirl needs a vacation!


Another twentysomething said...

Oh, I know! But I applaud you for writing about it-- I usually pretend mistakes like that never happened. As in, "Yes, I meant to leave the hosue with makeup on one eye only." Haha

Barbara said...

It is strange this year because November has 5 Thursdays (but Thanksgiving is always on the 4th).

Thank heavens we aren't hosting dinner here either!

Gary West said...

Great New Profile Picture!!!