Monday, November 20, 2006

Great day for 25k!

The kiddo actually slept until 7:00 am Sunday morning, so we were a little late in getting out to the 25K. Not sure of the road closures, I made my way through the side streets to Memorial and felt a twinge of envy as I began to see runners. It was in the low 50's - compared to last year's sweltering heat, this was heaven! A perfect day for running!

I managed to find a great spot along Memorial right by the footbridge near Sawyer. I tried to convince the kiddo to wear a jacket, but she insisted that she already had a jacket was actually her fleece hoodie over a long sleeve tee, but oh well. The goal was to spot and cheer for as many Houston Running Bloggers and Houston Fitters as possible! I had not even been out of my car for 5 minutes when I heard someone shout my name...gee, I thought I was supposed to be the one shouting. LOL! It was Humble/Kingwood's very own Bill! I caught off guard that he recognized me, but managed to yell back a "Hi" and a "lookin' good". He was speeding right along as if it was a piece of cake. Next, I saw Felix on the opposite side of the road carrying the flag...that man amazes me with that flag! The next person I saw speedily making his way was least I thought it was him. It certainly looked like him based on the pic from his blog. Without even thinking, I just shouted a loud "Holden!". I think I was really surprised he turned his head, because I just kind of waved. I think I saw Bob next...he's another one who just keeps getting faster and faster. Not too long after Bob came my training buddy from the NYC marathon, Vicky! Next I saw Vic on the opposite side of the street - he looked fantastic! I know he mentioned a leg cramp in his race report, but I wouldn't have guessed that he was having any problems. Next came Pam looking strong! Kay and Alisa were next with a pretty large group of Houston Fit 5/1s. It was so great to see everyone! I wanted to stay long enough to see everyone one more time, but the kiddo was getting cold and was ready to go. She was a good sport and had some fun waving and yelling "GO!". She even said "Go Mommy!" a couple of times, but I had to remind her that I wasn't running today. (That was from my coaching her before Chicago.) Congrats to everyone on finishing a tough distance!

Next, we met some friends at the zoo. On the way there, I asked the kiddo which animal she was excited about seeing and she promptly replied, "chickens!". Lucky for us, the zoo does have chickens. She had a blast! We took her to the zoo a few months ago and she refused to ride the carousel or pet/brush the goats in the petting zoo. This time, she wanted to do everything...including not get off the carousel after two rides! Afterwards, I dropped off the kiddo at home and headed to the library. Later, it was birthday shopping for the kiddo and dinner at Chuy's with the family. Perfect weather, running, family time & no classes...overall, a TERRIFIC weekend!


Vic said...

Thanks for coming out to cheer us on. Great to see you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cheer! If I looked confused or dazed, it was because I was due to oxygen deprivation. My muscles were hogging most of the oxygen and forcing the brain to fend for itself....