Friday, November 03, 2006


So Chicago is over. It's a little bittersweet. No question about what was next, because I already knew that I would be running the Aramco Houston 1/2...anything to keep me running. I think I have come to accept that I will be running the 1/2 and I think I am going to be okay with it! Thanks to the comments from yesterday, I've begun to think about the 1/2 in a new light. Barbara said, "Half the work, twice the fun" and she's so right! Bunnygirl said "long enough to be a challenge and entitle you to good eats afterward, but not so long that you're wiped for the rest of the week". So, thanks to those two comments and the all others, I've decided to accept the challege of the 1/2! (Sorry June, I am going to try not to give in and switch!) I would love to think I'm some "Wonder Woman" and people would look at me and say, "Wow! Look at how easily she juggles marathon training, school, work, plus being a wife and mom!". Unfortunately, it's not that easy (especially with a hubby with an opposite schedule). Time spent in one area takes time away from another. My family, work and school, definitely need to come before running, so training for a 1/2 will help me balance all these things a little better. So, my goal is to see how fast I can run the 1/2. My only other 1/2 was in 2002 and at the time, was the farthest distance I had ever run. I don't remember my time, but I will look it up in my scrapbook and see if I can shave off a significant number of minutes!

So, just a quick catch up for the past week....I ran for the 1st time since Chicago on Monday. It was a grueling experience because 1) it was on the dreadmill and 2) I felt all stiff after not running for an entire week. I think it only took me 10 minutes to start whining. Tuesday, I took the kiddo trick or treating with her cousin and she had blast! She did not want to wear her costume, but her teacher finally managed to talk her into it. However, she did refuse to wear her crown, tights or "princess shoes". She also insisted on having a t-shirt underneath. Wednesday, intended to run, but life happened. Thursday, I ran 3 miles, this time outdoors. Things went much better, which I am sure is because of the awesome fall weather we're having!

Here a few pics of the kiddo learning all about Halloween from her idol & cousin:

Notice how blogger has decided to post my pics? Why wouldn't it do that a few days ago?


elf said...

Just wanted to put my $0.02 in.

I know from experience that the family/grad school/marathon thing is hard--you've done it, and you've done it well. You've earned the right to take it a little easier.

Running is something that we do for a lot of reasons--it's a relase from the stresses of life, and it's a way to keep ourselves healthy. Marathon training necessarily ties us to a pretty tough schedule, and takes some of our focus away from other things that are important. If we aren't careful, it provides more stress rather than easing it, and it can wear us down rather than building us up.

If you really feel like the distance isn't as challenging in and of itself, you can challenge yourself in other ways. Throw some good speedwork into your schedule and try to see how fast you can go.

I'm a little biased--the 1/2 is my favorite distance. I love training for it, and I love racing it.

So I'm going to run the half as well and see if I can get close to a PR. After that, I'm going to spend the spring trying to chip some time off of my 5K and 10K PR's. I had such a great spring last year that it's going to be tough, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

More than likely, I won't run another marathon for quite a while (never say never, though). I'm more than a little frustrated with that distance, so I'll probably take a few years to work on my speed. If and when I feel like I'm ready, I'll get back to it. If this makes me less of a runner somehow, so be it. As long as I still enjoy running, that's the important thing.

Good luck--hope to see you at the park soon!

TX Runner Girl said...

Very well said Erin! That was worth way more than .02!!!

JustJunebug said...

i think Erin is wise!! i respect your decision!! i was merely giving you a hard time as they say :O)

as long as i get to meet you BEFORE I will be most happy!

TX Runner Girl said...

June, I knew you were giving me a hard time!!! :-) We will have to have a blogger meet up sometime soon!

Vic said...

Juggling too much, bad!!!

I still say (despite Jill's groanings :o) ) that you could pace me into an easy, fun-filled 5:58.

By the way, I'm with June. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO MEET CHRISTY?!!! I miss not seeing you at Memorial Park. :o)