Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quick Update

I made time for an abbreviated core workout. Luckily, I seem to be able to do the squats and lunges again without any pain to my left knee. However, I can't do some of the upper body exercises like push-ups because of the inflamed chest muscles. Remember the chest pains way back before Chicago? Apparently, it's called costochondritis...and it's lingering!

Houston Fit called for 40 minutes, but I only had time to squeeze in 20. So, I made it the best workout I could and added a bit of speed and incline. Looks like I'm back to the "something is better than nothing" mentality.

Running Stats
Conditions - Treadmill (watched ER)
Total Run Time - 22:33 minutes
Total Distance - 2 miles (with incline)
Total Pace - 11:16


jamoosh said...

You know, sometimes it is not what you do, but the fact that you got out there!

Good show!

Vic said...

Did you say you had Costco-dritis? That's when you just have to go to Costco all the time, right? You need to have that seen about.

TX Runner Girl said...

Vic, I am cracking up are too funny! Actually, I've never been to Targetitis...I definitely have that!!! :-p

Barbara said...

I would be seriously bummed if I couldn't do pushups. Those are my favorite exercise of all. Sometimes I just shut myself up in my office and knock a few out when I need a mini break at work.

TX Runner Girl said...

Barbara - I'm with you, I love push-ups! Not doing them is hard.

Anonymous said...

I hope your chest feels better soon, I suffer from both of those afflictions (Costco AND Target).