Monday, April 16, 2007


Is it Monday already?

Saturday, I had classes all day. Good news! I made A's on my Stat homework (100 thankyouverymuch) and project (95). Whoop! And the prof announced that we would only have 1 more project (instead of 2), I just need to make an A on that and my final. Yahoo!

Sunday, I made it to the park around 7am for a "LR". I quote, because my LRs haven't been all that long lately. This time - 8 miles. I missed my LR last weekend due to Easter, the weekend before it was only 6 miles.

I started at the Tennis Center and headed to Memorial Dr. the long way around. Instead of doing loops, I decided to head to Waugh, cross over Waugh and head back to Shepherd via Allen Parkway, then head back to Memorial Dr. to go back to the park. The weather was awesome and for the most part it was a great run. On the way out, I only took walk breaks at the water fountains. On the way back, I took a 1 minute walk break every 9-10 minutes. I could definitely tell that I hadn't been running as much as I should during the week. My pace was 10:43.

Today, my group meeting for school was cancelled, so I headed for the park! It seemed like everyone wanted to enjoy the awesome weather, because I saw several familiar faces. First, I saw Coach Abbie from HoustonFit (who also ran Seabrook) in the dressing room. We talked about Boston with some other folks. Next, I ran into friend and former co-worker, Roberta. Finally, just as I started my loop, I saw June. I forgot my watch today, so I have no idea of my time. I felt like I was keeping a pretty good pace, but who knows? The weather was great and the loop felt great..what more does one need? :-)

In other news, the new job is going pretty well. I feel better after meeting with my boss today and discussing some of the projects that will be on my plate. Finally, I feel like I have something to do!

Congrats again to everyone who ran Boston rock!

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jamoosh said...

hey now. You are in the "off season" so 8 miles is a long run! Keep it up!