Friday, April 27, 2007

Back to the books...

No running last night. The kiddo made it to bed around 9:15, then I had to work on a Marketing assignment. We have to present a commercial to the class on Saturday and analyze it - who is the target audience, what are the overt and covert messages, etc. Here's the one I chose:

Maybe I am really just too cynical about Corporate America, but I love that commercial.

Tonight, I will have to REALLY hit the books. It just occurred to me yesterday that I have a final NEXT WEEKEND! Holy crap! Then, our marketing group projects and presentations are due the following week, along with our Stat homework, project and final! Yikes!

That is enough to snap me out of my slacker mode! I may not be doing much running in the next couple of weeks...sigh!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with finals and your projects! Can't imagine trying to balance work, family AND school. You're doing great though!!