Saturday, April 21, 2007

Friday 4-miler

We had a crawfish boil at work on Friday afternoon. I am not much of a crawfish person (unless it's already shelled), but the event provided me with a great opportunity to get to know some of my new co-workers. Unlike my former employer, this company has frequent social functions...I think I'm gonna like it here. :-) Oh and they provided KFC for those of us who didn't want crawfish. They also provided some adult beverages, but since I was planning to run afterwards, I didn't partake. Well that, and I didn't want everyone to think the new HR lady was a lush. The tequila shots were mighty enticing, but my in-laws were at my house and even if I didn't go for a run, I did not want to have to explain why I was slurring my words. ;-)

While talking to some of my new co-workers, I found out that one of them trained for a half marathon with Houston Fit a few years ago. Funny, because I thought she looked really familiar. Turns out that we both had running clothes with us, so we decided to head over to the park for a loop. It was warm, but still perfect weather for being outdoors. I don't know if it was the KFC or what, but I had a horrible stitch in my side during the entire run! Luckily, my co-worker was a red group 5/1-er too, so she didn't mind my slower pace. I have no idea of our time, because I forgot my watch, but I am pretty sure that it was slower than my previous loops. At the end of our loop, we said our goodbyes and I decided to add on another mile...yay me!

Running Stats
Conditions - 80 degrees, humid
Venue - Memorial Park
Distance - 4 miles
Total run time - ???
Pace - ???

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J~Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to be out! What a great co-worker to find!