Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Monday Monday

Yep, it was Monday alright. I arrive at work early, check my hotmail and I have an e-mail from someone in my marketing group who wants to meet up tonight to work on our project. Luckily, it's the hubby's night off and I can make it. I was planning to go for a run after work, but oh well!

I made it home in time to hang out with the kiddo before bedtime. We colored for a bit using the new colors that were in her Easter basket. After she fell asleep, I hopped on the treadmill for a quick run. It gave me an excuse to watch a little bit of The Bachelor. Why is it that the girls from the Houston area are so annoying? The chick from The Woodlands refused to get her hair wet during a swim competition - give me a break! The Bachelor is a Marine and a triathlete...do you think he would be impressed by a prissy girl who refuses to get her hair wet??? Luckily, the girl from Sugarland kicked butt in the competition. So, 25 minutes on the dreadmill @ an 11-minute pace...2.18 miles. That's all there was time for. I had to hop on the computer to work on some stuff for work. Two more days at my current job...yikes, I am getting nervous about the new job!

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Runner Susan said...

I haven't watched the bachelor, but what's up with not getting your hair wet? That's weird, it's swimming!?!