Thursday, April 19, 2007

The decision...

I decided to head straight to school. However, that just made me realize how much I needed to get done. I should have gone running 1st! I was voted as the person to do our mock radio commercial for our marketing plan...oh joy!

When I made it home, it was nearly 8pm. I got to read with the kiddo for a bit and then put her to bed. 8:39 pm. I realized that I still needed to get stuff together for my Mom's garage sale on Saturday. I finally finished that at 10:40 pm. I said, I should have gone for my run right after work! But hey, my closet is a bit less crowded after weeding out all the stuff I haven't worn in the past year or two. Not exactly organized, but less crowded. Organizing will have to come later. After finals later.

Tonight there will be no running. My nephew's confirmation is tonight...him and 70 other teenagers! So, I suspect that we will not be home until very late. Grrrr...and if the in-laws spend the night that means that there will be no running in the morning, because the treadmill is in the guest room/office/playroom.

I haven't run since MONDAY people! MONDAY! I am going through withdrawals!

I have decided to not only keep my running clothes in the car, but also keep a towel and shower stuff there too. Since I work so much closer now and my group likes to meet later, I will be prepared!

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J~Mom said...

Sorry you didn't get your run in but it sounds like it worked out best. :>)