Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Well, it's 10:22 pm and I just finished doing some research for a marketing case study. Now, I am reviewing applicants for my replacement and taking a quick break to blog. These activities have kept me from my evening treadmill run. Well, that and the kiddo's refusal to go right to sleep.

The plan is to get up as soon as the hubby gets home from work and get in a 3-miler. I'm crossing my fingers that he gets home in time.

In other news, I managed to gain back 2 lbs in the past week. No suprise there, since I ate like a pig last week and had several night time glasses of wine. Oh, and there was that happy hour on Friday too. Sigh. I've lost my motivation in this area...again.

Also, in case you saw the Seabrook pics I posted links to last week, I am wearing my glasses. A lot. I hate my glasses, but apparently my eyes have decided to develop an allergy to either my contacts, my solution or something in the air. Since I've been using the prescribed eye drops and changed my contact solution and still can't wear my contacts, I am thinking that Lasik may be in my near future. I was planning to take the plunge next year when I planned for it with my flex spending account...oh well! I refuse to wear my glasses on a daily basis!

On a happier note, we have a 3 day weekend this week! I've decided to head to Tri on the Run on Friday to register for the Easter Bun Run. With my lack of running for the past few weeks, I don't foresee a PR, but I will run as fast as I possibly can. I figure since my school schedule usually conflicts with all the 5ks, I better make the most of the ones I do get to run!

Finally, I have to give kudos to a couple of amazing folks....

Congrats to Sarah who completed her 1st half-ironman on Sunday!!! Read her race report - it's awesome!

And congrats to fellow Houston Fitter, Kay, who finished her 1st sprint triathlon on Saturday! The weather was gruesome, but she persevered and did a great job!

You ladies ROCK!!!


barbara said...

I must've missed the Seabrook pics - now I'll have to go back and look! I really have a time with my contacts during allergy season. I rinse them off multiple times per day.

I'm unfortunately not a good candidate for eye surgery so I wear my glasses a lot in the evening.

Good luck with the race this weekend - you go girl!

barbara said...

Hey! You look good in those! I actually wear my glasses most every morning when I run too; that way I can save my contact-wearing time for the work hours.

JustJunebug said...

oh heck yeah!! See you Saturday!!

Day Dreamer said...

Good luck on the race this weekend!

And don't sweat those 2 lbs. Maybe you can be like Chandler on Friends when Monica was trying to get him to lose weight, and he had one pound to go. He went on about how he liked that last pound and didn't want to part with it. Maybe these 2 lbs are kinda like old friends. :P You let them go, and if they had not returned, it was never meant to be. But they came back, so that tells you it's true love.

Okay, sorry... that was WAY out of left field. :D

aggie jogger '77 said...

Hi TRG - Good luck with the run this weekend. This is my first time to visit your blog and it's refreshing to find other running bloggers from Texas. I'm only in Oklahoma but sometimes it feels like another country.
I just completed a training half marathon run in prep for my first half marathon race on April 29. I was so pleased that I could go the distance. Hope you stop by sometime. Randy