Saturday, April 28, 2007

School Daze

Yes, I am in a daze after today's classes. Good news - we have a take home final in my marketing class. Bad news - we have 2 more chapters covered on the stat final. So, 2 new chapters, a project, homework and final exam in stat...ugh!

While I may have missed today's super Strider performance today at the Bayou Bash Relay, I did have running on my mind. In fact, during lunch I headed over to Luke's Locker to pick up some new running shoes. I even managed to have a few of my classmates come along...who knows, maybe they'll catch the running bug too! Much to my suprise, my motion control shoes actually came in a color other than blue and white for the 1st time since I started running!

Yep, they Aggie maroon and white! Okay, so the box says they're plum, but whatever..I think they're close enough to maroon. WHOOP!


Anonymous said...


Definitely a bummer you had a school conflict for the Bash. Cross Country Relay is set for September 22nd - mark it down :-)


aggie jogger '77 said...

Those shoes look great, maroon and white forever girl...they rock.
Do they make them in men's sizes too?
I ran my first half marathon this weekend (2:46:40), not fast but I'm proud that I finished. It also will not be my last and my brother is wanting me to come to Houston next January for the full marathon, first time he's extended a run invitation to "his" marathon. I told him this morning that I would do and I don't back off of commitments. I'm excited.

J~Mom said...

OOhh I like the colors on the shoes!! Cute!