Friday, February 27, 2009

Some R&R

Thursday, 2/26 - Spin class - 1 hour & Swimming - 45 minutes
Well, sort of. I went to spin class during lunch on Thursday and loved it. Again, the drill sargeant, I mean instructor kicked my arse...I was dripping with sweat in the 1st 10 minutes! I met Katie at the pool on Thursday night and we swam more and rested less than we ever have. It felt great!

Friday, 2/27 - rest
I had Friday off from work, and normally that would mean relaxing on the couch after the kids with a glass of vino and a snack (a healthy one of course)....but I had back to back dr's appointments the next day and one of them required that I fast the night before. Soooo...instead, I kept myself busy by organizing my closet and had some water. Such an exciting life I lead, lol.

After my dr's appointments, I headed to the mall to look for a couple of new pairs of cute sandals for the Spring and to have some lunch. I was planning to go to a movie before my 4 pm hair appointment, but decided to head home and take care of some stuff around the house that I have been meaning to do forever - putting the baby's bouncy seat and swing in the attic, hanging pictures that have been in boxes for almost a year, etc. While it wasn't the relaxing afternoon I had planned, it felt great to get it done.

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