Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap

Saturday, 2/28 - rest (postponed run til Sunday)
Saturday, the kiddo was spending the night with my parents, so I took the baby to the "Cry Baby Matinee" at the Angelika. Ummmm, that would have been a great idea had there not been something called the RODEO PARADE going on! The traffic was horrendous and I ended up just parking at Landry's, since it was the only parking I could get to. The movie was "He's Just Not that Into You". It was cute with a great cast...I recommend it if you want a happy chick flick. That afternoon I had planned to go for my run, but we decided to have some much needed family time instead.

Sunday, 2/29 - Run, 8 miles (and some change), 11:18 pace
Sunday, the tri-girls of Woodlands Fit went to watch the "Take-a-Hike Ike" tri. We learned on the way there that the swim had been cancelled - it was just too freaking cold and the water was choppy. Instead, they had a dualthon - run, bike, run. I was bummed that I wouldn't be able to see the swim and the all-important transition from swim to bike, but it was still interesting to see the transitions. I had no idea that some people left their shoes clipped to their bike and would run out of the transition area barefoot or in socks and worry about getting into their shoes as they rode away. I was also freaked out about all the rules - don't mount and ride till you get past the red line, buckle your helmet before leaving the transition area, don't forget to take off your helmet before leaving the transition area, etc. It's so intimidating because there's so much to know!!! It was also great to see the variation in the type of participant:
  • the hard core triathlete
  • the not as serious, but definitely an experienced triathlete
  • the this is my 1st triathlon, but I'm in super shape triathlete
  • the I am working hard at getting in shape, and dammit I am gonna do a triathlon triathlete
It was comforting to see that not everyone has a $10,000 bike, the shoes, clipless pedals, etc. and that not everyone was super-experienced.

After the hubby made it home from work, I headed out for my run. Rather than drive 40 minutes to get to my run location and back, I decided to run in the 'hood. Hey, you gotta save some time for the family, right? One thing I've learned from doing my runs solo lately is to not think about the distance - just run. If you think about how far and how long you have to run alone, it sucks. Instead, I just take off on the run, get lost in thought (or in music if I have an ipod with me), listen for my watch to beep (for the run/walk intervals) and go. And go. And go.

It's much easier that way.

Before I knew it, my 8-miler was over and I was back at home with the hubby and kiddos.


Blessed with Boys said...

It was pretty entertaining! I've never seen so many have a rough start on the bike! I was told later that it was because they were so cold they couldn't feel anything! They had a hard time even putting on their helmets because their hands were frozen! FUN!!!

Blessed with Boys said...

BTW, way to go on the solo 8 miler!

Sarah said...

The leave-your-shoes-clipped-in and run-barefoot thing is an advanced move! It takes practice and the seconds you save only really matters if you're in the running for an award. I don't do it.

One of my coworkers said he couldn't feel his hands as he mounted the bike! That would make it difficult.

The helmet thing is less confusing if you just remember this: if you are touching your bike, have your helmet on and buckled. Do not take it off until you are no longer touching your bike!

K said...

You are inspiring me!!