Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mini Hip Update

I know I've mentioned this before, but when it comes to personal decisions, I am the worst!  I go back and forth so many times, I could make a figure skater's head spin! 

Yeah, I could even make this girl dizzy!  (source)

Well, I finally made a decision about the Kenalog injection...I am postponing it for a few weeks.  After e-mailing Coach for her take on it, I decided to try some of the homeopathic remedies first.  You see, Coach was a competitive tennis player at one time.  She had serious knee issues and had suffered through 5 surgeries (and a cortisone injection).  One doctor told her she would be walking with a cane after her surgery. And, a very well known Orthopedic here in Houston told her that she could never expect to do more than a sprint race per year. At age 29, she was told that she would need a knee replacement!  Luckily, she didn't let the doctor's comments get to her.  After trying supplements and doing lots of strength training, she has fully recovered (and become a triathlon bad ass!).  She has raced 3 Ironman races and going for her 4th at IMTX...all in the past 18 months!  She suggested going the homeopathic route and I tend to agree.


Why try this route first?  Well, here are some things that bother me about the injection....
  1. The doctor was super quick to recommend this during my 1st visit, even though he really had no idea what was wrong.  Really? Is this type of injection a "cure-all"?  What about PT?  What about getting to the root of the problem?  What about preventing it in the future?  Although I will say, when researching the injections, it seems that people have the mentality, "Hey, something hurts?  Go get an injection!"  No biggie!
  2. The doctor made it seem as if there would be no pain after the procedure.  Everyone I spoke to who had a similar injection said that I would be very achy afterwards.  Hmmm, you'd think the doctor would mention that.  Then again, this wasn't mentioned before the MRI either.
  3. When I asked about the negative side effects of the injection, the doctor only told me that since the hip would no longer hurt, I might be tempted to overdo it.  He also said that he had trouble sleeping the day of the injection.  I asked if it was because of the pain.  He said no, there was no pain.  Instead, it was because of the feeling of euphoria after using Kenalog.  He just did not feel tired and it was difficult for him to be still long enough to sleep. He also mentioned the minute risk of infection.  He never mentioned things like avascular necrosis, issues with the menstrual cycle (sorry guys!), atrophy at the injection site, etc.  I am sure these side effects are rare, but jeeze, it surely makes you re-think messing with this stuff!
  4. The feedback I've received from friends who have had similar injections is about 50/50.  The injections seem to work on some, but not on others.  In fact, a few people felt worse after the injection.
Going the homeopathic route just seems to make more sense to me....especially now that I know there is nothing seriously wrong.  No tears, no stress reaction or fracture, etc. 

I mentioned earlier that I had started taking Glucosamine, so today is the 6th day of taking that.  Thanks to June's recommendation, I have also started taking fish oil.  Next, I am going to try some gentle stretching and some strengthening exercises for my glutes.  After the 1st MRI, Chiro #1 mentioned that my glutes were, well, pretty weak.  Yeah, I kinda figured that.  Just looking in the mirror while wearing a swimsuit could tell me that.  Strengthening the glutes will help give my hips more support which will hopefully help me get back to doing the activities that I love.

If this does not seem to help?  Well, then I will reconsider the injection.  Keep your fingers crossed!


JunieB said...

Sent you email about the fish oil. They are not all created equal, so be choosy and spend the extra money for the good stuff.

On the Right Track said...

ok...I'm kinda coming into this a bit late...ut what exactly is going on with your hip? I'm curious as I am recovering from hip surgery myself.

I had an injection early on as a "diagnostic" tool to see if perhaps the pain or injury was coming from somewhere rather than the hip joint itself...long story...i had a laberal tear and FAI cam impingements from an injury...however, i did end up injuring my knee in yoga (sublexing my patella and ligament strains and sprains) in the process because the pain was be careful...the injection only took my pain away for a total of 10 days...then it was back with a vengence. This is how they determined that I was a candidate for this specific surgery...

I hope you start feeling better...let me know how things are follower here ;)

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Sounds like a great plan... I like to check out natural and homeopathic options first before agreeing to medical intervention. Hope it helps! And if not, at least you know you tried all your options.

Michelle Dragoo said...

So how is it working for you? I tried glucosamine with little results. My knee is sadly nearly shot. I hope it works for you!

Anonymous said...

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TX Runner Mom said...

On the Right Track - welcome!!! Don't know if I can make it short....I had just run NYCM in Nov and decided to continue training to run Houston in January. The week before Christmas, I went out for a little 3-miler and my hip started to feel tight. No biggie, so I went home, iced and stretched...and kept running on it - a 6-miler and 18-miler. The pain got much worse. I could barely walk (I was limping). I tried seeing a chiro, which helped and a ortho (for a 2nd opinion). Both thought it was soft tissue. I also saw a 2nd Chiro who does ART. The pain lessened, but never completely went away. 8 weeks later I went in for a MRI and was told to stop everything, because I had a labral tear, a tear in my iliopsoas and a stress reaction in my femur. 10 weeks later (with lots of rest), there was still some pain so I went for MRI with contrast (at the suggestion of Ortho #2). Next I was told it's just arthritis and "joint pain". The pain now is bearable...unless I try to run. Ugh!

On the Right Track said...

Was the first MRI done with dye contrast...or just the second? a laberal tear will not heal itself...but can become asymptomatic if other (soft tissue or other joint realted problems) areas heal up...are there any impingements with the tear? (extra bone?) that is what I had along with it so thh pain just worsened becasue it was continually ripping and tearing at it. But, I would think the MRI with dye contrast would be the tell all...I really hope it is just arthritis or joint pain...then perhaps things will get better!!!

Please let me know how you are doing or if I can help in any way...and don't use my experience to frighten you...the pain before surgery was, just small issues holdng me back...hopefully!

hugs to you ;)

TX Runner Mom said...

Only the 2nd was done with contrast (so the 1st was basically a waste of money per the orthos). No impingements, thank goodness.