Thursday, May 17, 2012

Running and Weekend Plans (IMTX!!!!)

I am happy to report that I walked/ran again this morning and had no issues with the hip whatsoever!

I stuck to the same method - 5 minutes walking, 1 minute running...well, sort of.  I did run a little more than a minute on my last two runs.  Only because 1) it felt so great to run and 2) I was almost at the end of a block and figured I should at least run until I make it all the way to the end.  Hoping to do this again on Sunday and then increase the running a bit next week if all goes well.

In other news, I am sooooo stinking excited to be volunteering at Ironman Texas this weekend!  I volunteered last year with tri-BFF, Kelly, and we had a blast. This year, I will be cheering for Kelly as she completes her 1st ever IM distance race!

Me and Kel last year...this year she will be an IRONMAN!!!

This year the Hubby is volunteering with me!  This time last year, he had not done a triathlon yet.  For whatever reason, while I was out volunteering for IMTX, he decided on that day that he was going to do a sprint distance triathlon 3 months later.  Fast forward to today - the Hubs is actually contemplating registering and training for IMTX 2013!

The family with the Hubs after his 2nd triathlon last summer

I will be working registration tomorrow morning (hooray for PTO days!).  After that, I want to check out the expo for a little while.  Tomorrow afternoon, Chrissie Wellington will be speaking and signing her book (CAN'T WAIT)! 

Can't wait to see Chrissie in person! (source)

On Saturday, the Hubs and I will need to be at the race start a 4:15 am for body marking duty.  (Thank God we live only minutes from the start!)  I am so excited to be the 1st person athletes will encounter at the race and wishing them the best of luck!  Later in the day, I am going to be working at an aide station on the run course while the Hubs hands out awards to all the super-speedy people.  And finally, I get to hand out awards in the early evening while the Hubby is a "catcher" (this should be interesting!).  Once our shifts are done, we'll have a couple of hours to just hang out and cheer.  My favorite part of the race last year was watching the final finishers cross the finish line.

Ahhh, the finish! 

I hope to have tons of pictures to post next week!  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

What are your plans this weekend? Any good workouts or races on tap?


Donna said...

Hey, if you're bored after body marking, come to my Transition aid station after (I'm the captain)! I'm between the swim exit and the entrance to transition! I'm going to work finish line too at 5pm. I can't wait. I get so stinkin' excited!!!!

Enjoy your day!

Lisa said...

Very cool weekend you got going on! My in laws are coming. Wanna trade? ha!

Jill said...

That's so fun you're going to do body markings! I think it'd be a blast to volunteer at a full tri. Have a fantastic time. And super stoked you had a great run with no hip pain.

Anonymous said...

First, congrats on being able to do a little more running without (or minimal) pain! I'm also body marking in the AM and will be at the finish line for the last 4 hours! I'd love to say hi if I recognize you! I'll most likely be wearing a pink hat and pink runners skirt :-)

That Pink Girl said...

Ahhhh, running!!!! Great news!!!!
I'll be there this weekend - maybe we can run into each other! Emailing you...

Tara @ said...

Wonderful news on the no pain announcement!! I'm glad things are getting better! I need to plan for the IMTX next year, I would totally love to volunteer, or at least spectate.

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Wow, what a fun weekend for you! And great running news! Were you the one who told me about the Astros race? I might sign up... maybe we could meet afterward?

Kathy said...

So glad to hear the you keep improving!!
How great to volunteer at the IM - and an arm marker - RIGHT on!!!
Looking forward to hearing about it!