Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Can I vent for a minute?

I know this is supposed to be a running blog, but I need to vent. I am majorly upset about the yesterday's breaking news that the River Oaks Theatre and the surrounding shopping centers are going to be demolished.

Apparently, Houston's historic preservation laws are some of the weakest in the US, so it's possible for the city's historic buildings to be destroyed without the usual waiting period for public comment. As a result, a lot of the awesome historic buildings around town have been, the River Oaks Landmark Theatre is the latest victim.

This theatre is where they show all the indie flicks and I even went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show for the 1st time there in high school...they are also tearing down the shopping center around the theatre. All these buildings were built in the late 1930's. And, what are they going to build there???? A freaking Barnes & Noble!!! Well, that and a "residential high rise". Grrrr...all in the name of progress!

If you think losing River Oaks Theater is unacceptable, please visit the link below and pass the information along to as many people as possible. You can also get more information through the links below.

Chronicle Story:

Okay, vent over! Thanks for reading!!!


Vic said...

Today there was an announcement that Houston in not in the running for the 2016 olympics. The 3 cities that have a chance are San Francisco (charming and historic), Chicago (majorly histoic buildings, canals), and Los Angeles (don't know much about LA). Could these two stories, the Olympic comittee and the tearing down of the River Oaks theater, be realted. I think they may be.

TX Runner Girl said...

You know, all of the popular, hot spots like Boston, NY, San Fran, Chicago, etc. have tons of charming old buildings and lots of history. Houston has very little of that and I do think it hurts us. I love Houston, but I'm tired of it's "armpit of the south" reputation.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

i am pissed too....this is idiotic