Sunday, July 09, 2006

Great long run

I had a 13 mile run scheduled for Saturday. Because of the hubby's work schedule, I couldn't make it to the park in time to start with the group. I ended up guesstimating where the group would be and at what time. I figured that if I made it to the 4 mile mark between 5:45 am and 6 am, I would be able to meet up with the group.

The run was the Tanglewood/Rose Garden to Waugh run. I parked in the Rice Epicurean parking lot and stretched. This was not quite the 4 mile mark, but pretty close. While I was stretching about 3 or 4 folks from the blue (aka really fast) group ran by...I was happy that my guess was correct. I began running in the direction they were coming from and I eventually began see familiar faces from the red group. I was happy to find Pam and Mary Jane. Mary Jane had given me the idea of meeting up with the group this way and offered to take me back to my car when I was done.

It was the typical hot & balmy Houston summer morning. I hate this kind of weather, but somehow managed to suck it up and just run. We did 5/1's the entire route. Amazingly, my shins did not hurt even a little...crazy what a little rest, ice and stretching will do! I did feel a weird little pain in my right knee, so I'm not sure about wasn't enough to cause any alarm. Overall, I was able to complete the run feeling strong. I did have some chafing on my arm, but I think that was due to the extreme humidity. I've only experienced that one other time and it was in the same type of conditions.

When we finished, the regular Houston Fit registration was going on at the park. This is registration for the group that will begin training for the 2007 Houston Marathon. It was great seeing my running buddies from last season...Kay, Bob, Jack, Coach Gaye, Coach Fred and a handful of others. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the seminars after our Saturday runs! I think I have enjoyed training with Houston Fit because of the friendships I have made....the sense of accomplishment I feel after completing a marathon is just the icing on the cake!


Vic said...

Houston Fit sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to the same kind of camaraderie and friendships out of Katy Fit.

Thats' pretty cool meeting up with your group at a spot on the run. I'll bet it was neat seeing familiar faces coming at you while you were just standing there in that lot.

Great news that the shins aren't acting up anymore. Stay safe.

Susan said...

I'm considering the 07 Houston Marathon. I hear it's FLAT!

TX Runner Girl said...

Susan, it's one of the flattest!!! A couple of overpasses and a few slight hills near the's wonderful!

Julia Williams said...

Hey well done TX - sounds a great run.

Would love to get running with a group, but sadly their schedules don't fit with mine, so I'm on me lonesome mainly. It's good for staying focussed but bad for speed work.

Would love to speed up!



Me said...

Hey there

I'm training for my first Marathon ,Abingdon, in England. I've never come across a running blog randomly before. It's usually teenagers talking about who's cute at their school!!

Good luck with your training


Anonymous said...
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