Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wiggles Workout

Sunday was a rest day. The hubby, kiddo and I went to an architectural tour of the Chase Building downtown that was sponsored by GHPA. Very interesting!

The hubby wanted to go fishing on Monday morning, so my morning run didn't happen. I decided to a core workout instead. I did the Abs Diet workout and noticed the pain in my knee from Saturday's LR again. I probably should have skipped the lunges and squats with weights! I iced the knee afterwards, took an anti-inflammatory and hoped for the best. By the way, the hubby broke my treadmill last night! It's a long story, but I am in mourning. It's not completely broken, but it's stuck on the highest incline...I guess I can do hill training at home now. I will call NordicTrack and see if they have any suggestions. I have a feeling they'll have to send someone out. Yikes...I just hope it can be repaired...I cannot afford to get a new one right now.

This morning, I made it out to the park around 6 am. The view of the full moon on my drive over was fabulous! I managed to make it 3/4s of the way around the loop before the pain in my knee kicked in. I took a walk break, which didn't seem to help much and then finished my loop. After getting ready for work, I treated myself to a Pineapple Pleasure smoothie...very yummy and only 6 pts on WW! I added an energy boost to it, and I think it really helped. I felt pretty energetic for the rest of the day. Later, at home, DD & I danced to all the silly music on her Wiggles DVD....I think I have found a new workout - The Wiggles Workout! I still have that fruit salad, yummy, yummy! song in my head.

Running Stats

Conditions - 80/70% humidity (yuck!)

Distance - 2.9 miles

Total run time - 33 minutes


Gary West said...

Dont you love Running AND Writing about it!!!

Good job girl.


Vic said...

Sorry 'bout the treadmill. Sounds like you had a blast dancing w/ DD.

Take care of that knee.