Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Never done before...

I ran at the park two mornings in a row! I figured I better take advantage of DH's schedule and run while I can. Hopefully, this afternoon I can actually leave work at a decent hour and spend the extra time with my kiddo and hubby!

I think I have been completely preoccupied by thoughts of the training I had to do today at work, because I could not seem to remember anything. First, the kiddo woke me up at 3 am wanting milk and "giggles" (Wiggles). I suddenly remembered that I had not put my dress shoes in my bag...gee, that would have been funny doing training with my managers in a skirt, hose and dirty running shoes. Then, as I am brushing my teeth, I realize I didn't put my hose in the bag. Next, as I was getting into my car, I realized that I didn't bring my hang-up clothes - no skirt, no sweater set! Finally, I came to the realization that I had been driving for almost 10 minutes without turning off the kiddo's "VeggieTales" cd...I had been listening to "The Wheels on The Bus" and hadn't even realized it!

Running was exactly what I needed to get my head together. I completed a loop doing 5/1s. Today, it was the left shin acting up instead of the knee. Nothing a little ice and elevation can't help. I finished a little faster than yesterday, but not my fastest loop either.

On that topic, I find myself facing a little dilema...according to the pace calculators, if I want to finish a marathon in about 5:10, I should be running at the following paces:

  • "easy" training runs - 13:16 pace
  • "tempo" runs - 11:10 pace
  • speed work - 9:24 pace
  • long runs - 13:16 - 14:50 pace

Here's the problem...today and yesterday were supposed to be "easy" runs. I have a habit of wanting to run faster during the week, rather than trying to follow the suggested 13:16 pace. Today, for instance, I decided I wanted to run faster than yesterday...it's just a little game I play to keep me motivated. However, I have read all the research that says it is better to run at a slower pace during your training runs. Perhaps I should follow that rule, because I am running at the paces that I have always run at and I have yet to beat my time from my very 1st marathon. If anyone has any advice/opinions on this topic, they are greatly appreciated!

Runlong & Livestrong!

ETA: Grrrr...I just added about 20 links to blogs, houston running groups, places to shop, etc. Then, I pushed the wrong button and lost it all. Ugh, I am going to bed now before I cry!!!


JustJunebug said...

hey thanks for posting that! i hadnt ever seen those times broken out like that...

i need to figure out what i should average to do my first half in 2:50 (or less)

Vic said...

Isn't running great in that it gets your mind back on track, clears your head. I leave so much STUFF on that track when I leave a good run.

Advice on the running...I don't think I'm the best one to do that. But I'll throw in my 2 cents anyway. For me, training at a particular pace in counterproductive, especially training at a pace I hope to be at 6 months from now (i.e. marathon pace). Let me explain. I'm shooting for finishing in 6:00 hours. (btw, I really don't think that's doable given where I am now, but a little more time will tell.) Now, that's a little under 13:45 pace. If I trained at that pace for a long run now, I wouldn't make it 1, maybe 2 miles. So, I have to slow down to be able to go the distance. Now, by slowing down on my long run, I can definitely see improvement as I am gradually building up. My pace for long runs is improving with the same effort.

I kind of get my words confused so let me see if I can't put it simply. I belive it is better to train according to effort and not pace. Pace varies depending on sleep, nutrition, temperature, humidity, and surely a bunch of other things. Also, pace improves week to week with training. But effort is a constant that I can shoot for. I'll post a table that I found on the web that correlates perceived effort to HR zones.

So, that's my 2 cents. I could say more but I'd just end up confusing myself. :)

RunningDownType2 said...

Howdy - and thanks for taking the time to read and post on my new blog. I get really inspired reading stories like yours, going from knowing nothing at all about running to training for and running in multiple marathons.

Good luck in Chicago - I'll be following your progress on your blog.