Thursday, July 06, 2006

Feel the burn!

I decided to give the shins one more day to recover. I am still doing my stretches, icing the legs and taking the NSAIDs, but thought I would wait and try to run with Luke's on Thursday evening. I'm hoping all is well and I'll be able to do the 12-mile LR on Saturday. (Keep your finger's crossed!)

I decided to use my little break from running to do more core training. I did about 45 minutes of DH's Abs Diet Workout, which I really enjoy. It's great because they do an abs workout for every area (lower, mid and upper abs, plus lower back). Then, they do a full-body workout using weights. My absolute favorite is the tricep workout. Crazy, I know, but I love to "feel the burn"! I think I may adjust my schedule a bit so I can work in a few core workouts each week.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Mon - easy run
Tues - run (speedwork/hills)
Wed - core workout
Thur - tempo run (Luke's)
Fri - core workout
Sat - Long Run (w/HF)
Sun - Pilates/Yoga

I still really want to fit in the swimming lessons this month, too. I guess I'll need to see if I can work that out with the hubby's's only 2 weeks of lessons, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Run long! Livestrong!


elf said...

Wow--I think that 45 minutes of abs would render me completely unable to move, if it didn't kill me. Sounds like a great workout!

Good luck with the LR on Saturday--I have one as well.

Vic said...

You doing swimming lessons with Houston Red Cross?

TX Runner Girl said...

Hey Vic, that's right! At Memorial Park...can't beat $25 lessons!