Friday, July 21, 2006

Surprise run

I didn't think I was going to be able to run yesterday. It was my Mom's birthday and the plan was to celebrate at dinner...meaning no run for me. But, the birthday plans were postponed until the weekend and I was able to run afterall. Since I didn't have any running gear with me, I didn't get to meet up with the group at Luke's. So, I went home. The hubby offered to entertain the kiddo while I did my run. (Many thanks to the hubby...I wasn't looking forward to fighting with the stroller again!)

The route was the same one from Tuesday's run. It felt warmer than Tuesday, but it was much easier not having the stroller to push this time. The Houston Fit schedule called for a 30 minute tempo run. I did complete the 30 minutes, but with the heat I didn't feel like I was running very fast. I lost count of the # of loops I did on the .25 mile track, so I am pretty clueless about the distance, too. I am beginning to want a Garmin, now. I did feel a little ache in my knee and my left shin gave me some grief, but overall, not too bad. I wish I had something a little more interesting to report, but it was a pretty uneventful run.

Run Stats
Conditions - 93 w/some humidity
Total run time - 31:23
Total distance - ???

Run long & Livestrong!


Vic said...

nice run, Christy. My wife was going to volunteer last night to come home so that I could run and then go back to work after I got back to finish up some stuff she HAD to do. That was so sweet of her to offer. She knows I have to do this and is very supportive. Still, I told her I'd come home, pick up the kiddos and then go run after she got home from working late. So, that pushed my run to about 7:45. Better late than never :)

elf said...

The knee twinge might be the short loop. 1/4 mile tracks aren't great for doing lots of miles. At the least, make sure you don't run the same way all the time.

I don't think anyone feels like they're running very fast right now...

Keep it up!


Sean said...

You gotta love it when you can squeeze in an unscheduled run. I have a GPS that I use for hiking (and driving). It's a little big for running, but I do throw it in my hydration pack when I go out for long runs. It's funny, though...sometimes I want to know my time and distance, sometimes just time, and sometimes just distance. In times when I always knew both, I found myself having less fun. When I run just for time and don't worry about distance, I find that I end up exploring new streets. Go figure.