Friday, July 14, 2006

I. am. bummed.

I am more than a little bummed about the way my knee has been feeling. I just don't get it. I have never had these types of aches and pains this early in the marathon training season and it has me a little worried.

Of course, this is the 1st year that I didn't completely slack off during the off season. Maybe that has something to do with it. I usually take a couple of weeks off after the Houston Marathon, then only run about 3x per week for no more than 20-30 minutes at an extremely leisurely pace. This year, I was determined to not have to start from scratch again when Houston Fit started up. So, I ran the Austin Marathon in February. Then, I met up with some friends on the weekends and ran longer runs each week...anywhere from 6 - 10 miles. I worked a little on my speed as well and participated in some 5K & 10K races Honestly, I had a great time during the off season. Overall, I didn't feel like I was really pushing myself or over doing it.

I think rather than meeting the HF fall group for our 10-miler tomorrow, I will do loops around the park. That way I will not be too far from the car if my knee doesn't want to cooperate. I hate doing multiple loops around the park alone, but it's certainly better than not running at all. I was looking forward to the route's the TC Jester White Oak Bayou route, which is a new one for me. Then, I will see if I can see a doctor, preferably an orthopedic, on Monday or Tuesday. That's the game plan!

Now, I am off to read and then hit the hay. The kiddo had a fun-filled, nap-free day with her cousins at the pool. She was asleep before I made it home from work, so I have the evening to myself. Have a great weekend!

Run long and Livestrong!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the knee. I hope it starts feeling better soon! Good luck with tomorrow run, I hope all goes well.

Vic said...

I hate it that you're having so many problems. I can really sympathize. You just must get better. I need to hear about your kicking butt and taking names. Get better!!!

Humble Runner said...

Hope everything is ok with the knee.

Houston is a Loooooong time away. Lots of time for good training. Get better first.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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