Monday, July 17, 2006

Who turned on the oven?

From what I can tell on the news, there is a heat wave going on pretty much everywhere. Houston is definitely no exception! Highs today were expected to be in the triple digits, so I opted for a morning run at the park. The training schedule called for 35 minutes....unfortunately, I didn't know that until after my 33 minute run. Oh well, what's another 2 minutes?

Overall, the run went well. The temps were in the low 80's and the humidity was bad. I was drenched before I arrived at the 1 mile marker. I did feel a bit of a protest from my left shin and my knee was achey, but overall nothing hurt too bad. I made sure to just run at a comfortable pace and to not do anything to hurt anything else. :-) It felt great to get the run over with! I did run into Pam as I was finishing my loop and she was starting hers. And, once again, I treated myself to a yummy "pineapple pleasure" smoothie!

Running Stats
Conditions: 80 w/high humidity
Total run time: 33:43
Total distance: 2.9 miles
Pace: 11:37

WW Stats
Points earned: 4
Points consumed: 30
Flex pts used: 6
Flex pts remaining: 18

Run long and Livestrong!


Vic said...

I'm almost sure that was you I saw. Were you over at the stretching area. Were you wearing a pink singlet? I'm not going to be shy next time. I'm just going to yell across the street, "Hey, Christy!!!" and hope someone answers. :)

Nice run. Another one in the pocket. Just a few thousand to go (it seems like).

elf said...

Nice run--way to tough it out in the heat. I was out there, too, and it was, well, icky.

Another twentysomething said...

I just randomly popped by your blog. It's a great idea. I started running in March of this year, completed a 5k and am now training for more too. It's wicked hot and humid where I am too, so I've taken to lunchtime treadmill runs, as it's too hot morning noon and night.

Anonymous said...

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