Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Survived...

Well, my semester is finally over. It feels great to be done! The accounting final went better than expected, but I still think I made a B overall. Our OB group presentation was great...I think our group did the best job out of all the groups. We were prepared and it showed...but our score for the paper & presentation combined was only worthy of an 89! Regardless, I ended up with a 94 overall in that class. :-)

Last night, my OB presentation group got together for dinner to celebrate. I was fortunate to be able to work with a group of great folks - not only did everyone pull their weight on our project, they were really fun to hang out with!

Today was a bit hectic. The hubby is out of town hunting. The kiddo and I met a group of friends from my old job for brunch, then we headed to Minute Maid Park for my friend's graduation from UH (woohoo, congrats Jennifer!) and we ended the day with a birthday party for one of the kiddo's friends from our playgroup. Whew, just typing all that makes me tired. Finally, after the kiddo was in bed, I typed my Christmas card address list, so I can get my cards out tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I have the day off. I am going sleep in as long as the kiddo will allow and then take her to my parent's house for the day, so I can have a bit of time for myself. First, I am going to the park to run. Next, I am heading to a spa for a mani & pedi. Then, I am going to meet my friend Jennifer for lunch and a movie. Last, I may or may not make it to the mall for a bit of kiddo-free holiday shopping. Not that I mind shopping with the kiddo, but I can get much more done kiddo-free....anyone with a toddler can completely understand! :-)

Now that school is over, I hope to have a lot more running to blog about. Until then, have a great week!


Vic said...

Huge congrats are in order, Superwoman/wife/mom/student/athlete. You really nailed those classes. I'm so proud of you. Now, you just enjoy tomorrow. Enjoy your run. Enjoy your movie and enjoy your shopping. I'm really thrilled for you. Thanks for updating.

Anonymous said...

Awesome ending to your semester! That has to feel great!! I know all about shopping with a toddler and I say enjoy your time away. ;>)