Thursday, December 21, 2006

Life happens...again!

I was so proud of myself for getting up early to do pilates yesterday and I was actually looking forward to my pm run. But, the hubby and I learned that his parents were going to come in town today (Thursday) rather than Saturday. In addition, our Secret Santa reveal at work was moved up from Friday to today as well. So, I had to rush to the store to get a final Secret Santa gift last night after work and then pick-up the kiddo and rush home to clean house. I know, I know, this is what I get for doing most of my holiday shopping at the last minute! But, I could not even think about shopping until the finals were year, I will start my shopping in October! :-) To top it off, I ran out of Christmas cards yesterday, so I had to sign, label and seal the final few.

Why am I telling you all of this???? Because, it left no time for my run. And, since I didn't finish all these tasks until 1:05 am, I did NOT get up early to work out this morning either. I think I picked a bad week to start my 2-a-day routine. Honestly, as much as I love Christmas (especially the time off from work!), I am really ready for it to be over! So, depending on what time the in-laws make it into town, I may try to squeeze in a short treadmill run after work. We'll see....but sometimes, life happens!


Vic said...

Life is always happening. Especially this time of year. I'm ready for it to be over, too but then again, Jan. 14 is scaring me to death. I'm anxious and excited and scared.

Still, sounds like you got a lot done. You're way ahead of me. Hey! Just like running. :o)

Day Dreamer said...

I wonder who the first person was to say "Life Happens" was? Either way, that happens to me more than I care to admit.

Gotta love the Secret Santa thing at work. Someone is feeding my me a Whataburger gift card. Those bastards!!!! :D

TX Runner Girl said...


Anonymous said...

I think we all find that the downtime that comes during the holidays tends to be filled with stuff other than exercise, at least at the level we imagined. As we age, though, we realize you can always run later and gladly welcome the unexpected guests ... especially bearing unexpected gifts :-)

Thanks for the compliments on my dancer. Both daughters are totally into it and have been dancing since they were knee-high. Glad you stopped by. I like your blog and will be reading it regularly now!

JustJunebug said...

if someone was to give me whataburger gift card i would have to hunt them down and strangle them!!! :)

but today i have had 3 people put goodie sacks on my desk...ugh!!! i ended up eating 3 of the baby choco chip cookies ... eek!!