Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Make it stop!

Last night, I ran for 30 minutes while the hubby put the kiddo to bed. I don't know why, but I felt incredibly was if I weighed a ton! Hmmm....could have been the sugar high wearing off from earlier in the day. I ate some grapes and a banana yesterday at work, but everything else I ate came from some gift basket sent to us from a vendor. So yes, my diet yesterday consisted of a couple of Godiva chocolate truffles, a chocolate chip cookie, fudge, candied pecans and a few olives. Not exactly energy boosting foods! Honestly, why do I do this? I swear everytime I walked near the lunchroom, I could hear all those treats calling my name. Someone please make it stop! Either that or tie me to my desk so I can't walk over there!!! Or, it could have been the pork chops, potatoes and green beans I ate for dinner. It felt like a rock in the bottomless pit I call my stomach. So getting back to running - I was going to run 3 miles, but by 2.5 I had had enough. I was going incredibly slow...and, I took two 1-minute walk breaks.

This morning, I woke up early in my new two-a-day fashion and decided to try my new pilates dvd. Okay, so it's not exactly new, I bought it from a $1 bin at Target about a year ago and never opened it. It's a beginner workout, so most of the video was an explanation of the stretches and how to breathe. I think it is going to take me a few trys....who would have thought it would be so stinkin' hard to breathe while holding stretches?

Tonight, I'll try the running thing again. Today at work, I am armed with grapes, an apple and an orange at my desk....I will not go near the lunchroom, I will not go near the lunchroom, I will not go near the lunchroom....

Running Stats
Conditions - treadmill run
Running Time - 31 minutes
Distance - 2.5 miles
Pace - 12:24 (OMG!)


Day Dreamer said...

More than a few times over the last year, my running has suffered due to my eating during the day, so you're not alone. :)

I'll do a little chanting for you...

you will not go near the lunchroom.
you will not go near the lunchroom.
you will not go near the lunchroom.

...but if you do, pick me up a brownie or a cookie or something. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep it's that time of year. My only suggestion is to eat more of the "good stuff" before getting near the lunch room and think of the stuff in the lunch room as poison. Don't eat the poison!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Stay away from the lunchroom!! I had a day last week where my dinner consisted of chips and cheese dip. Eeeek!

Vic said...

I actually threw away 3 or 4 gifts last night. Right into the garbage!!! I just can't have that stuff sitting around the house. I can eat a whole box of Whitman's samplers in one sitting if I'm not careful. Oh, then I had to make sure to take the trash out 'cause I'm so bad, I'm tempted to get the stuff back out of the trash. I'm one sick puppy!

TX Runner Girl said...

Vic, I am there with you...been there done that! LOL!

elf said...

Hee-hee--I had two hidden mint cookies and a Diet (of coure!) Dr. Pepper for lunch yesterday. And of course, I had to do a little "quality control" on the peppermint bark while I was making it.

Luckily breakfast and dinner were a little healthier.

I have more cookies to make today, so I fear it may not be much better.

Stay away from the lunchroom, and good luck with the run!

Humble Runner said...

Great post, TRG.

I'm going to take a different angle... one, which you will like. It's freaking Christmas! If you want desert, DO IT! Treat yourself. Most of us spend the entire year looking forward to the winter holidays.

Be careful because my comment is like a double edge sword, which involves QUANTITY control (something know nothing about). I agree with Steve B. Eat all your healthy foods before passing by the lunchroom.

Enjoy yourself AND the holidays! You look great and deserve it.

PS> Do you have Vic’s address? I have a few chocolate samplers I need to mail him.

TX Runner Girl said...

LOL Bill! Sorry, I don't have Vic's address...can I send you both some of the crap in our lunchroom???