Friday, December 29, 2006

Looking Back at 2006

It's been a great year. Busy, but great! I really don't like to set resolutions, but I do set goals for the coming year. As I looked back at 2006, I realized that I accomplished almost all of this year's goals and a few that weren't on the list! It made me proud. For example, I....
  • Had some great quality time with my family (travelling and just hanging out)
  • Created our family's budget and stuck to it (well, until Christmas hit)
  • Studied for and took the GMAT
  • Studied for and passed the Professional in Human Resources exam (PHR)
  • Got accepted to grad school
  • Successfully completed my 1st semester of grad school (only 5 more to go!)
  • Ran 3 of my 6 marathons - Houston, Austin & Chicago
  • PRed in Chicago!
  • Ran more races this year than ever before, which helped me maintain double-digit mileage year-round (rather than slacking after marathon season and becoming a couch potato!)
  • Started my blog and made some great blogging buddies
  • Joined the Striders for 2007!

For me, the hardest part of the year was working around the hubby's new schedule and my new school schedule in order to continue training. I either had to meet the Houston Fit-ers somewhere along their LR route and make up the missed mileage later, or spend the night with my parents and leave 20 minutes earlier to drive to the park from Spring. Once school started, I did a lot of long runs solo. Quite frankly, that sucked! :-) But, I do have to thank my Mom for always offering to watch the kiddo so I can get in my long runs. She knows how much all the training means to me and is my biggest supporter. THANKS MOM!!!

I haven't decided on all of the goals for 2007 just yet. I am sure they will be similar to this year's, but will probably be more focused on school instead of running. I'll keep ya posted.

As for training, yesterday I planned to run 3 miles on the dreadmill. However, by 8 pm is was very apparent that the kiddo was wide awake and not going to sleep anytime soon. So, I decided the do a core workout instead. The kiddo gets excited when I pull out the mats and pulled out one for her as well. She kept saying, "Exercises, yes!" and ran to get her little wooden blocks that she uses as hand weights. Naturally, just like any other 2 year old, she got bored with the routine in only a few minutes. So, she sat on her mat and played with her new tea set while I did my crunches, lunges, squats and lifts. Oh, and the tea set is actually for coffee according to her...she's gone to Starbucks with Mommy a few too many times! At least she's not serving martini's or margarita's!!!


Susan said...

We definatley need to plan to run a marathon together in 2007 so we can meet!

TX Runner Girl said...

Sounds great Susan!

Anonymous said...

Great job on all of your goals in 2006!!!!! You had a fantastic year. I mean who does all of that with a two year old!? You rock!

My number one goal for 2007 is running a half marathon and then number two is the family budget thing. I impressed you conquered that! Maybe if I stayed out of Target AND Costco!

Here is to a year of running and budgeting!

bunnygirl said...

You had an awesome year! And good job with the kidlet!

My dad started running when I was very small, and while I didn't become a consistent runner until my 30s, that influence was always there. I knew that his dedication to consistent daily exercise was why he was still slim, active and healthy, while my friends' fathers often were not, if they were even still alive.

So keep up the good work. Don't doubt for a second what a great influence you're having on your daughter! On those days when it's tempting to slack, remember you're doing it for her, too. You're showing her how it's done, and giving her future bragging rights. Those mother/daughter hikes and runs in your future are going to be fab!

JustJunebug said...

oh my goodness that last bit made me literally laugh out loud! so loud that my cat jumped. well not jumped cause hes so fat, but he did lift his head :o)

heres to NEW FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!