Friday, December 22, 2006

Wrapping it up

After all that cleaning on Wednesday night, the in-laws decided to wait until Friday to come to town! Oh well, at least the house is clean. So, the hubby and I decided that the wrapping as many presents as possible before company arrives would be the best use of our time. So, wrap we did...and wrap, and wrap, and wrap. All done while watching Nacho Libre (the hubby's pick). I decided early on to use gift bags whenever possible, so that helped. By the time we were done, the hubby wondered 1) if all of the kiddo's gifts were required by some toy company to be shaped funny or 2) if I just bought all the funny shaped toys just to baffle him when it was time to wrap presents. We decided that next year we will follow RunnerSusan's philosphy - "if it's shaped funny, it's from Santa" - and it will go unwrapped, under the tree for Christmas morning. By the way, I am an anal retentive wrapper...I like the paper to line up just so and for the edges to be just right. I know - wierd! So, it was hard for me to watch the hubby slap the wrapping paper on gifts. But, I didn't dare make a comment...I was just happy to have his help. I figured I could put extra bows on the ones he wrapped and no one would be the wiser.

So, all this rambling to tell you that I didn't run yesterday. In fact, I didn't work out at all yesterday. My 2-a-days turned into no-a-days. Actually, my hammys were a tad bit sore for some reason. I have been taking the stairs at work, so maybe it's that. I seriously doubt it was the Pilates I did on Wednesday morning. Tomorrow, the Houston Fit group is running 8 miles. I am thinking of getting there early and jogging a loop before to get in 11 miles. I missed the big 13 miler the 1/2 marathon group was doing last week, so this will be my last LR before the 1/2 in January. Jeeze, now I am really glad that I registered for the 1/2! I am having trouble getting in training runs for it and that distance is probably going to be more of a challenge than I thought. I could not imagine trying to squeeze in a 21-miler with the crazy schedule I've had lately. I guess overall, everything worked out just as it should!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, it's so hard to get everthing done right now!! I hope you get a run in. Dh and I have been wrapping as well, we actually went through all of our paper already! Whew!

Day Dreamer said...

My wife is the same way with wrapping gifts. I'm close, but not nearly as anal about it.

And I loved RunnerSusan's comment too.

Good luck on your long run.