Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More Shiznit

Monday - 12 mile bike ride, 14 mph
Getting better, but hating the time change. It got dark before we got back to "base" which made for some sketchy riding! (which is probably why the pace looks better...riding faster to get out of the dark faster, lol.)

Tuesday - 30 minute treadmill run
Same old, same old.

Tomorrow - P90X!

That is all.

Glad election day is over...may the best man win.


Jamoosh said...

"Sketchy" riding. Does not compute. Did you cheat? Of course you didn't. If you went faster, regardless of the reason, you ahd it in you!

Viv said...

Woohooo great ride Christy, look at you speedy gozales!

Have a good P90X today...