Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Workout Update

Monday, November 10 - Treadmill run, 21 minutes

No Monday cycling this week thanks to Mother Nature and the torrential downpours. I couldn't decide what type of workout I wanted to do instead and finally decided on a run - especially since I hardly ever get in all 3 weekday runs between the cycling and P90X. Unfortunately, my run was cut short when the baby woke up. Must have been the teething, because he usually sleeps all night with no wake-ups at all!

Tuesday, November 11 - Treadmill run, 35 minutes

All my runs this week will be at an "easy" pace, because the left shin pain I've been noticing after my runs has decided to make itself known during my runs all of a sudden - even with my new shoes. Ugh! I iced for 20 minutes after my run using the kiddo's Cinderella ice pack, lol! Also, my right heel has been sore for weeks now. I don't know what's up with that, but luckily it doesn't bother me too much during my run. I iced it too just in case...but for the heel I used the Nemo ice pack. :-)


Viv said...

Keep on with the Disney ice packs so you will feel like a princess at the 1/2 this weekend :-)

Barbara said...

Good luck this weekend! I've heard the weather should be perfect for running.