Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tuesday, November 25 - P90X, Plyometrics, 58 minutes
Yesterday felt like a P90X day. I looked at the schedule - plyo! This workout is pretty intense and for the 1st time, I wore my heart rate monitor for this one. My heart rate got up to 160 at one I just need to figure out my resting heart rate, so I can know where my targets are. My goal is to learn how the whole target heart rate thing works and start tracking it - something I've never attempted before. Hell, I bought the Garmin 305 because I also wanted to use the heart rate's about time I get to it!

Looks like that bonus back in September was just a partial bonus. I recieved the rest of my bonus on Friday and it looks like I will be getting a road bike after all! Woohoo!! If anyone has suggestions on brands, what to look for, etc. let me know!
Don't laugh, but my Sister-in-Law and I are going to see the movie Twilight this afternoon, since my office is closing early. She's gotten me into reading those damn books! I just started reading the 4th and final book last night. Hey, it's no Anne Rice, but it's an entertaining read that's fo sho!

I wanted to do the Run Through the Woods 5-miler tomorrow morning with the Wfit peeps, but that would meaning leaving to head to Austin later in the morning than we planned. Oh well! But, I need to burn the extra calories, so I'll get in the run tomorrow morning in the 'hood before we head out of town. Happy Turkey Day!


Barbara said...

Sigh. I'm always late catching up in here since Google doesn't know how to figure out how to give RSS feeds on private blogs to people.

It just doesn't sound that hard. Then again, I'm not exactly a software engineer.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! That picture below is really cute!

Viv said...

Hope you enjoyed the movie and had a nice Thanksgiving with the family!

WHOOHOO on the road bike! I can tell you I am a big fan of Ken at Bike Land go see him and see what he has. They are also moving the store to The Woodlands so super convienent.

I found my resting by taking my HR for one week right at wake up time without movint one inch. Took the avg HR for that week and that is my resting. I do it every couple months to keep it current. Since I am to cheap to do the LT tests.