Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playing Catch Up...again

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This is a pic of the Munchkin with my Father-in-Law taken the weekend of the San Antonio 1/2. I love that the way they are looking at each other!

Okay, so it's been awhile. Here are my most recent workouts:

Monday, November 24 - Outdoor run, 31 minutes, 11:01 pace
Woohooo, a glorious outdoor run during the week - a rare occurence for me. It felt fan-freaking-tastic to be outside running. I took the day off work to re-decorate the kiddo's room for her birthday surprise, but managed to squeeze in a quick run. I started out too fast - 10:23 pace - but managed to slow it down to an average of 11:01.

Sunday, November 23 - P90x - Chest and Back, 55 minutes
Getting back to my weekly routine. I am beginning to see a little definition in my arms, which helps me see that this is really starting to pay off. I imagine as I loose more weight, the results will be even better!

It was also the day of the Kiddo's 4th birthday party, so I think I got a pretty good workout chasing kids around! Here she is getting ready for some cake.

Saturday, November 22 - 5-miles with Woodlands Fit, very slow!

The night before, most of my fellow Wfit peeps went to a Soiree hosted by another Wfit peep. The Champagne punch was flowing, which might be why none of us (who showed up) felt much like running on Saturday morning. We had the choice between 8 miles and 5 miles....at the beginning of the night, 8 miles sounded doable. However, as the evening progressed (and the punch began to disappear), 5 miles sounded much better! Luckily, we had Starbucks to look forward to after the run, so we got it done.

Saturday afternoon, I took the kiddo to a "Fancy Nancy" birthday party. Here she is dressed all fancy...

Saturday evening, the hubby and I celebrated our anniversary with a night out. We had dinner and then headed to Cru for lots of wine.

Friday, November 21 - Rest

Thursday, November 20 - P90X, Kenpo X - 1 hour
Good cardio workout! I actually used my heart rate monitor, which hasn't been used in over a year.

Wednesday, November 19 - 30 minutes, easy peasy treadmill run

Tuesday, November 18 - Rest
I was soooo stinkin' sleepy. Must have been the lack of sleep on Sunday catching up with me!

Monday, November 17 - Rest
Just resting the legs after the 1/2....they definitely needed it!

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Viv said...

Busy days...I love the kiddo all dressed up for the fancy party, too cute!

Why is it that Starbucks can make up look forward to finishing those tough runs?!