Friday, November 07, 2008


The weekend is almost here, baby! Yes, I'm practically dancing in my office with the realization of this. And, the weather is gonna rock. We're taking the kiddos to Discovery Green at some point this's the only drawback to kickin' it in the 'burbs - we hardly ever get to the big city on the weekends. Hell, after driving there all week, I don't really want to drive there again on Sat or Sun. Sorry.

Tomorrow is an 8-miler with Woodlands the way Coach, what was up with the "Oh my God!" when I said I was running the 10-miler last weekend? LOL! Then, the gang is going for coffee to chat it up about San Antonie next weekend. Damn, it's NEXT WEEKEND! Where oh where does the time go?

Thursday workout - 30 minute treadmill run
Workout went okay...shin splints are killing me! But, I'm picking up my new shoes today at Luke's, so hopefully that will help!

I'm proud to report that I began my Christmas shopping this morning. I bought DH & I a new point and shoot camera...I will still get that SLR, but I need more time to do some research first. And, I bought my parents a new camera as well. They need one. They have what I think might be a 1st generation Kodak digital camera and it's horrible! I also picked up some stocking stuffers for the kiddo today.

Okay, so the Madonna concert is next weekend. I have made pretty good progress in losing more of the baby weight thanks to Viv's weight loss challenge. I am down almost 5 more lbs...which is great, since I hadn't lost any weight since returning to work. I refused to buy new jeans, because I know I can get back into my old ones. But, I had to give in and get my "interim" jeans. I decided to make it a super cheap purchase and went to Target for a $27.00 pair of Mossimo jeans. When I get back to my goal weight I will reward myself with some awesome jeans, woohoo! When I loose another 5 lbs I will treat myself to a mani/pedi...something I used to do all the time, but that was before kids. Progress, progress....


Viv said...

Christy, You look great girl! It was so nice to chat with you this morning. I know you are going to do great next weekend and most of all have fun.
Keep us posted on Discovery Green, have yet to make my way out there....

K said...

Great to see you today, Christy! Have fun this weekend and NEXT!

Tiggs said...

i am excited to go to Madonna!!